Our School

Technology at your service.


Our school has modern computer, language, and science labs, but we have also invested in structured cabling in all our facilities so that our teachers have access to the servers and the internal network from their classrooms.













We have also configured wireless Internet throughout the school as a convenience to our students, however, to protect them from any violent, obscene or dangerous exposure within the virtual space, we have a modern firewall system: DFL 860 NetDefend Antivirus (AV), NetDefend Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and NetDefend Web Content Filtering (WCF), with updated antivirus and security filters that constantly monitor the Internet cloud verifying the content of banned sites by category, restricting access to them; and controlling attacks against our servers.












Security and Supervision

Our school has more than 50 security cameras with audio and video in all classrooms and common areas.

The system is used to monitor the performance of teachers, so that only staffs who meet the quality standards of the school may have a career in Soyuz Bilingual School.

On the other hand, we have the ability to store three months of continuous recording for 24 hours a day, if necessary those videos are review to help us solve serious cases of discipline.

The cameras are integrated into a burglar alarm system and the recording is done in a DVR located outside the school premises in a monitoring center of 24 hours which is responsible for calling the authorities in a timely manner and provide the videos to be used as evidence to the authorities in case of theft on campus, without the risk that the material may be destroyed by the miscreants.









Buying System in the Cafeteria

Recharging Process                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Buying Process

At our school, each student receives a personal identification card.  In case of accidents covered by our insurance company,

 this ID must be shown to receive attention in selected private Health Clinics in Chitre.   This document also serves as a reloadable debit card, useful for purchase in the school cafeteria.

Every ID contains a unique barcode that stores information about

purchases and money refills of each user.   Users can check their balance by placing the ID into card readers with built-in screens.

If the card is lost, the student must report it to our main office in order to block the card and proceed to issue a new one (an additional fee will be charged).


With every purchase, a tax invoice is issued and with every reload to the debit card a receipt is also issued, so that each student has a record of every transaction he or she makes.   We instruct our students to keep their invoices and receipts, as no claim is valid without them.